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Christine Sterling

The Stablemaster's Bride (Book 2)

The Stablemaster's Bride (Book 2)

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A woman needing a home; a man needing a mother for his children and a marriage of convenience that is nothing like they imagined.

Hannah Woods has lost everything. Left with only two choices, get married or become a soiled dove, she jumps at the chance for an arranged marriage. It won’t matter that she has no affection for her groom; she doesn’t want to be left alone. She wasn’t prepared for Hiram King and his two adorable charges.

Hiram King has no intention of getting married again, but his two daughters need a mother, and his deceased wife’s sister is pressuring him to turn the girls over to her to raise. When a local matchmaker offers to find him a wife, he has one condition—it will be strictly a business arrangement.

Can Hiram fight his growing attraction to Hannah? When tragedy strikes can Hannah find the courage to fight for her new family? What happens when Hiram starts to fall in love with his new wife–is it enough to make a marriage of convenience very real?

Find out in this small-town historical romance with a touch of faith.
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