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Michele Pollock Dalton

The Spirit of Christmas - Box Set 1 (eBook)

The Spirit of Christmas - Box Set 1 (eBook)

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Re-discover "The Spirit of Christmas" in each of these topical novellas filled with hope and the good news of perfect love.

This box set contains the first three books of the series:


Broken and beaten, Leigh Piper flees with nothing but the clothes on her back - only to find herself overwhelmed once again by circumstances beyond her control. Can a wounded soul find hope in spite of the heartache?

Book 2: THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS - Suddenly Serene

Stacy Whitaker's life has been shaken to the core by an unexpected break-up; and, her determined nature can only fathom one solution for her pain. Is peace possible in the face of such despair?

Book 3: THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS - Sufficient Supply

Unemployed Peter Whitaker is stymied by the looming meltdown of everything he worked his life to build. Are there any possibilities for provision with the world teetering on the verge of financial disaster?

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