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Michele Pollock Dalton

The Spirit of Christmas - Box Set 2 (Paperback)

The Spirit of Christmas - Box Set 2 (Paperback)

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Re-discover "The Spirit of Christmas" in each of these topical novellas filled with hope and the good news of perfect love.

This box set contains the last three books of the series:


Mounting troubles, highlighted by family difficulties, plague Ruth Merry, and the situation is only compounded when her prodigal son is arrested. Will multiple hardships topple Ruth's trust in the goodness of a matchless God?

Book 5: THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS - Joyous Noelle

Precocious preschooler Noelle Piper has never known anything but instability and fear. With danger lurking, can Noelle and her mother discover the true spirit of Christmas or will destructive forces trample their joy?

Book 6: THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS - Forever Faithful

Isolated and alone, Charlie Merry faces the most difficult season of his life as health challenges imprison him at a rehabilitative center. How can he possibly survive the profound loneliness of enforced confinement?

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