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Christine Sterling

The Marshal's Bride

The Marshal's Bride

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The Flat River Matchmaker (Book 5)

A young widow and mother, Justine McGuthry, finds herself in danger and in need of a fresh start following the untimely demise of her husband. Drawn to the promise of a new life, she seizes an opportunity to travel to Flat River, Nebraska. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Sam Davis, a dedicated and handsome U.S. Marshal, who challenges her notions of love and healing.

Sam Davis, despite his focus on professional accomplishments and eschewing marriage, finds himself captivated by Justine’s profound sadness and adorable daughter. As their bond strengthens, an unexpected obstacle arises—a shadow from Justine’s past emerges, bent on creating turmoil. As Sam takes on the role of Justine’s protector, the local matchmaker endeavors to change her perspective on love and past tragedies.
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