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Kirsten Osbourne



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McClains (Book 2)

The daughter of a peasant, Matilda goes to work at the Lain castle, away from her parents for the first time in her life, her mother’s admonishments to stay away from the men of the castle still ringing in her ears. With barely enough time to put her things away, she meets the son of the family, who makes it clear he is very interested in her. Afraid to trust him, she follows his commands and finds herself engaged to him within the week.

Robert Lain has always known that he would someday meet the woman who was just right for him, and together, they would raise seven sons. When he sees Matilda dusting his home he knows that she is the woman he’s waited his entire life for. Will he be able to convince her that his feelings for her are more than lust? Or will they have their sons without ever feeling the closeness both of their parents enjoy?

There is a short, mild sex scene in this book.

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