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Caroline Lee

Only October

Only October

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Calendar Girls' Ranch (Book 10)

October Calendar wields a mean hammer. And rotary saw. And bit driver. As the resident handywoman on her family's ranch, she doesn't have time for something as silly as falling in love...even if her sisters do claim it's her turn. But she always has time for Lacey, her prize student, who has asked for her help to build her father something special, even though this means October is suddenly spending a lot more time dreaming about the girl's father and his gorgeous muscles.

Single dad Clint Montoya isn't afraid of a little hard work, which is a good thing because he's been struggling to keep his head above water ever since his daughter came into his life. In an attempt to make ends meet, he started up a new business but discovered pretty quickly he's run out of room in his tiny home to manage it. He simply needs more space, and luckily, that's where the intriguing October Calendar comes in—a woman he's had his eyes on ever since Lacey began taking her classes years ago. Clint loves how much October has influenced and shaped his daughter into the amazing young lady she is now, but can he convince her to help him do it on a more permanent basis?

October doesn't have any idea what's on Clint's mind, but when Lacey suddenly needs her, she'll move Heaven and Earth to help the girl. Thrown into Clint's life, she's determined to support the little family, even if it means her sisters will have more reasons to tease her about falling in love.

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