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Lynn Donovan

Mary Hannah's Misgivings

Mary Hannah's Misgivings

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Broad Street Boarding House (Book 9)

Mary Hannah has misgivings about everything, but one thing she is certain about is her need for freedom from her father’s plans for her to marry a man twice her age. When her friend Katie comes asking for help to escape the local hoodlum’s vicious hand, Mary Hannah begs Katie to take her, too. Will a town in Colorado be far enough away from Mary Hannah’s misgivings to let her find a happy life?

Xander Armstrong lives a quiet life, a good life, in Denver. Despite his injury from the war, he works hard to earn a reputation as a trustworthy doctor. But he has no misgivings that a woman would ever want to marry him with his disability. Until he meets Mary Hannah and realizes her potential. Encouraging her to study midwifery and building their practice together becomes his major goal. But how can he fulfill his heart’s desire to marry this amazing woman when he is only half a man with one leg.

Can Mary Hannah put aside her misgivings and discover what she is truly gifted in doing? Can Xander overcome his own misgivings and build the medical practice he is destined for? Can his love and faith in her bring them together for the life they deserve?

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