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Kirsten Osbourne

Marvelous May

Marvelous May

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Calendar Girls' Ranch (Book 5)

The second of the Calendar triplets, May is a quiet, critter-loving woman who enjoys being around her family but has issues with strangers. When she goes to the doctor for yet another animal-related injury, she is surprised to see the grown-up version of the little boy she did everything with from her first day in kindergarten to her last day of high school.  

Adam Petrowski moved back to Cauldron Valley after medical school simply to be able to reconnect with the girl of his dreams, May Calendar. He wants nothing more than a quick wedding and a happily ever after with the sweet girl. When she walks into his office with an infected squirrel bite, he knows his dreams are coming true. A supper invitation starts them down the road he’s been praying for.  

Will Adam be able to convince May that they need to be together for always? Or will she refuse to give love a chance? 

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