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P. Creeden



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Rescue Me Mail Order Brides (Book 15)

What has possessed Luella to ever consider being a mail-order bride?

In order to escape the abusive life she has in North Carolina, Luella Carter decides to answer an advertisement for a mail-order bride. The gentleman who placed the ad claims to only want companionship and help around the house, and does not need love, children, or other wifely duties. This seems to suit Luella just fine, but when she arrives, she wonders if this was all a big mistake.

Cyrus Brady is the town's undertaker, and as such, he knows what it means to be an outcast. But his lonely life of solitude is horribly interrupted by his sister who takes it upon herself to advertise for a mail-order bride back east for him. Now a young woman has arrived, ready to become his bride, and Cyrus doesn't know if he's ready to become a husband.

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