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Christine Sterling

Loving an Honorable Man (Audio)

Loving an Honorable Man (Audio)

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Book 7 of the First Families of Flat River series

Tired of four older brothers scaring off every suitor, Alice decides to take matters into her own hands. What she didn’t expect was for the family’s childhood friend to notice how grown-up she was, and vow to protect her, even if it is from her own family.

Alice Chapman ran away from home to be with a man she thought would love, honor, and cherish her. When her dreams turned into nightmares she is finally rescued and brought back home to Flat River, Nebraska. Now she has no prospects of ever getting married because most men consider her damaged goods. What she didn't expect was her best friend's older brother noticing her. She would love an opportunity to get to know Chat Hartman again, but her pesky older brothers stand in the way!

Chat Hartman has other things on his mind than starting a romance with anyone. He must deal with the death of the man he thought was his father and the realization that his real father lived right next door. Then why is he so drawn to the shy Alice Chapman? He knows she lived through a terrible ordeal, and it crushed her outgoing personality. It doesn't help that he has a long-standing feud with her older brothers, which intensifies due to a misunderstanding in town.

Can Chat fight the attraction he has for Alice? When he proposes a marriage of convenience, will he be able to solve both of their problems? Will Alice ever feel safe in the dark again; and is her heart in danger once more from the handsome man determined to rescue her from her past?

This book was originally titled ALICE and released as part of the series called The Chapmans. It has been retitled and incorporated into the First Families of Flat River so the series may be expanded and include many new stories for you to enjoy, not just limiting it to one family. Nothing else has changed from when it was originally published.

Get lost in this heartwarming story with a touch of humor and faith.

Come spend time in Flat River, Nebraska. A small town filled with the strong men and women that settled the wild west of the Nebraska Plains from 1860 to 1880. Flat River is home to unique characters, strong heroines, swoony heroes, and stories that will stand the test of time. All these wholesome stories can be read by readers of all ages. They are filled with family values, romance, humor, and a sprinkle of faith.

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