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Zina Abbott



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Rescue Me Mail Order Brides (Book 2)

Lauren Brower is traveling to Rawlins, Wyoming to marry a sheep rancher she met through an advertisement. Much to her dismay, a thief snatches her reticule and runs off with her tickets and most of her money. What she still has tucked away on her person is not enough to buy a replacement ticket. She is offered a way to earn her fare plus extra funds, but it means she must delay meeting her intended.

Jeb Carter, Union Pacific Special Agent, is sent to Laramie, Wyoming, to discover who is behind a string of train robberies. He plans to work solo—he always works solo—but his boss has other ideas. He comes upon a hapless damsel in distress stuck at the Omaha Union Depot. Much to his dismay, he soon receives orders to escort her to a crossroads town on the train line. There, she will work for a busy restaurant while gathering information. He is to be her contact.

Lauren encounters an unforeseen development. Jeb joins a posse search that ends in tragedy. In the process of searching for train robbers, will they be robbed of their futures?

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