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Lynn Donovan

Katie's Conundrum

Katie's Conundrum

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Broad Street Boarding House (Book 2)

Katie Lasko’s brother has been killed, and her house and barn burned to the ground. In desperation, she comes up with a plan. But a poker game, a shoot-out, and a dropped gun leave her in a real conundrum.

Deputy Rick Sands has loved Katie Lasko for as long as he can remember. When she gets tangled in a conundrum and runs away it’s his job to hunt her down and arrest her. But how can he arrest the woman he loves?

The Broad Street Boarding House is known for the perfect matches that happen to its residents. When Rick finds Katie there, he wants to marry her, but she has no need for a husband. Before Rick can even begin to convince Katie otherwise, she is once again involved in a plot.

Will Katie be the first to break the perfect record of the Cartwright sisters' matches? Can Rick rescue his lady and win her heart, or is KATIE’S CONUNDRUM unsolvable?

(Time: 3 hrs. 46 mins.)

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