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Caroline Lee

Jilting June

Jilting June

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Calendar Girls' Ranch (Book 6)

When you're the sixth of 12 sisters, and the first five have all fallen in love and gotten married, one after the other, people start looking at you to make the "Next Big Announcement".

But June Calendar is having none of that. She's an accountant, for goodness sake, not some mushy-minded romantic twit! Junie is going to do this logically, and will simply fake a relationship with a man she'll tell her family is her "true love". And when he breaks her heart, which will all be part of the agreement between them, her loving—yet overly enthusiastic—family will have no choice but to let her live her life in least for a while. 

Simple and logical. 

Now to find a groom...

 Poll Weston is flattered when his long-time crush asks him to save her from her family's good intentions, and even more so when Junie offers him—in exchange—the chance to partner with her in the annual Valentine's Day ice sculpting competition. After all, everyone knows she's the best sculptor Cauldron Valley has ever seen, so pairing with her would be a sure win for Poll...but will he be prepared to hold up his end of the bargain when the time comes?

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