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Michele Pollock Dalton

Ilianna (ebook)

Ilianna (ebook)

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Already Home (Book 6)


Chased from their life by scandal, Ilianna Winters and her mother desperately seek a new beginning. But tragedy continues to plague the Winters as they seek out a place to rebuild their lives.

As the world totters on the brink of madness, Ilianna finds compassion among her companions in the Ladies Victory League. Still, social constraints and dark secrets hamper the young woman’s potential within high society—until she is blessed to find a kindred spirit amongst her correspondence.

Pulled into a desperate scheme to save his lifelong friend, Captain Calhoun Petersen assumes the man’s identity. But Cal finds it impossible to separate himself from the sweet-spirited lady who brings light and joy to his war-torn world with her inspiring words.

When the smoke has settled, and the conflict ceased, can two scarred souls find a way to trust again—not just in themselves, but also in each other?

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