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Sarah Witenhafer

House of War & Light - Season 1

House of War & Light - Season 1

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Reign Phillips has just earned her PhD in ancient languages when her Professor returns from Greece with treasure for the University of New Mexico; fifty-six mummified remains and a puzzling sealed gold casket that doesn't seem to fit any time period.

Accompanying him is the man responsible for brokering the deal with the university, Damon Sarantos. Unknown to anyone, Damon himself had buried the casket almost two thousand years before.

Reign is a woman Damon can't ignore and desperately wants to win. Her vibrant light soothes the darkness inside him, even as it pulls her away and warns her not to love him. As she decodes the mysterious writing on the outside of the casket, Damon must work to gain her trust and win her heart.

Can he be the man she wants him to be? Or will they be eternally separated by his partly demonic nature? The casket holds the answer, and opening it will either bring peace or unleash a darkness that threatens to engulf the entire world.

Season 1 contains episodes 1-12 of "House of War & Light"

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