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Marlene Bierworth

Holly's Hallmark

Holly's Hallmark

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Broad Street Boarding House (Book 11)

When Holly Christenson’s husband is killed on his family’s farmstead, his siblings—especially the second eldest who is now in control—heartlessly casts her from their midst.

She takes a train to Denver and moves into the Broad Street Boarding House. With help from the Cartwright sisters and Cane, an obliging gentleman next door, she lands a teaching job. The holidays are upon them, and while helping Cane Givens at the Mission House and overseeing the Christmas play, sparks fly between the young couple.

A mysterious and unwelcome visit from her brother-in-law, Trip Christenson, and his reluctance to leave Denver is unsettling and suspicious. Join Holly, Cane, and the Cartwright sisters as they attempt to unravel Trip’s motivation before someone gets killed.

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