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Christine Sterling

His Christmas Bride (Audio)

His Christmas Bride (Audio)

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Book 2 of the First Family of Flat River series

Welcome to Flat River, 1860!

All that widow Regina Graham wants to do is provide a home for her children. After being separated from their wagon train, they managed to go unnoticed along the banks of a nearby small creek. With harsh winter weather looming over them, she isn’t sure how much longer they can survive. The last thing she expects is to be accused of trespassing by a large mountain man who scares her more than any winter storm ever could! With nowhere to go, and no way to survive, she can't imagine why a stranger would help her or her children or what he possibly wants in return.

Fur-trapper Joseph Moore can't believe someone has been stealing his traps, but he intends to get to the bottom of it one way or another. When the smell of roasted rabbit draws him to an abandoned line shack on the edge of his property, the last thing he expects to find is a terrified woman and her two small children hiding. Hungry and cold, Joseph knows they won't survive the approaching winter storm even if he allows them to stay. Left with no other choice, he takes them to his cabin to wait out the storm, with the intention of delivering them to the marshal in Flat River as soon as the weather clears. With Christmas fast approaching, Regina’s two children prepare for the holiday, and Joseph finds himself caught up in the excitement.

Determined to bring a bit of joy to a family who has lost so much, dare Joseph to hope for his own miracle. Can he make Regina His Christmas Bride

Get lost in this heartwarming holiday story with a touch of humor and faith. 

Come spend time in Flat River, Nebraska. A small town filled with the strong men and women that settled the wild west of the Nebraska Plains from 1860 to 1880. Flat River is home to unique characters, strong heroines, swoony heroes, and stories that will stand the test of time. All these wholesome stories can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. They are filled with family values, romance, humor, and a sprinkle of faith.

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