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Christine Sterling

Forever Family

Forever Family

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Just in time for the holidays! A short story filled with hope, faith, and the true meaning of family. 

As a former child of the system, Susan Vuichard is committed to making sure no child is forgotten in the foster system. Opening her family farm to three sisters that have nowhere else to go and a low chance of being adopted is a temporary solution.

Can an interview with a local TV personality help her wards find a forever family by Christmas?

Richard Petra is still suffering the loss of his wife and unborn child. In order to ensure the memories remain buried, he refuses to interview children and avoids holiday celebrations. When his boss insists that he interview three sisters stuck in the welfare system at Christmas time, Richard has no choice. Imagine his surprise to find his high-school sweetheart, Susan, is the girls’ foster mother.

Sparks fly, and his heart opens against his will. Can Richard conquer his fear and pain enough to let Susan and the girls into his hard heart? Can Susan help her old flame and the girls she’s vowed to find a home for by Christmas? Can this group somehow become a forever family?

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