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Christine Sterling

First Christmas at Flat River (Audio)

First Christmas at Flat River (Audio)

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Book 1 of the First Family of Flat River series

A woman stronger than she realizes, the man who underestimates her love, and the adventure of a lifetime that waits for them on the trail.

Ingrid Aland is heartbroken when she hears Weston Chapman has decided to join a wagon train headed west. All her dreams of marriage, children, and living surrounded by family are about to die in an instant unless she steps out in faith and lets Wes know her feelings, and follows him into the great unknown.

Weston Chapman has heard the stories of extreme hardship on the trail. Subjecting a fragile Ingrid to those is the last thing he wants to do. It doesn't matter that he is leaving his heart behind in Boston. He promised to send for her as soon as he settles, but Ingrid has other plans. When Weston discovers Ingrid and her best friend hidden away in the back of his wagon, will he send her home or keep her with him forever?

When a secret is revealed on the journey, will it rip apart friendships? Will the Chapmans be able to stay on the train? Will the Christmas season bring hope and healing to two young couples trying desperately to fulfill their dreams?

Come spend some time in Flat River, Nebraska. A small town filled with the strong men and women that settled the wild west of the Nebraska Plains from 1860 to 1880. Flat River is home to unique characters, strong heroines, swoony heroes, and stories that will stand the test of time. All these wholesome stories can be read by readers of all ages. They are filled with family values, romance, humor, and a sprinkle of faith.

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