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Christine Sterling

Ezra's Forgetful Bride (Book 7)

Ezra's Forgetful Bride (Book 7)

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A woman needing patience. A man demanding perfection. Can a matchmaker's mix-up be exactly what these two need?

Kathleen O'Byrne hasn't been forgetful all her life. After an accident leaves her with a brain injury, her father hired a successful matchmaker to find Katie a husband. The man she needs to marry would be patient, kind and understanding. Not at all like Ezra Simmons who made her cry within ten minutes of meeting her. 

Ezra Simmons's life depends on accuracy and precision. He can’t have someone who makes mistakes in his small mercantile as it costs him money! When he hires a matchmaker to find him the perfect wife, he imagines someone beautiful and well versed in finances, inventory, and common sense. What he didn’t expect was a beautiful redhead, who would make a mess of Ezra’s orderly world.

How long can Katie pretend there is nothing wrong before Ezra sends her back home? When Ezra finds a letter from Kate’s father and he realizes he wasn’t her intended match, will he be able to let her go? Can a stickler shopkeeper find love with his forgetful bride?

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