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F. Tilly Brownne



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Rescue Me Mail Order Brides (Book 12)

Dagmar Larsson, a doppelganger for a rich heiress, accepts payment to lure danger away. But it might cost her everything.

Dagmar Larsson barely escapes a kidnap attempt when she is mistaken for her wealthy employer, Alrik Soderlund’s daughter, Algot. Alrik is shocked at her uncanny likeness to his daughter. He hires Dagmar to lure the would-be kidnappers away by impersonating Algot and sailing to America, where Dagmar will have the opportunity to become a mail-order bride. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter also sneaks aboard the ship.

Niklas Olsson doesn’t think he deserves a bride, but he accompanies his best friend, Lars, to meet the ship hoping to find a humble woman to share his quiet life. But two women arrive being pursued by thugs with evil intent and looking so alike Niklas and Lars can’t tell them apart. When danger catches up with them, will he risk everything to save both women knowing one is honest and the other a deceiver?

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