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Amelia C. Adams

Christina's Crusade

Christina's Crusade

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Broad Street Boarding House (Book 4)

When Christina Van Pelt is let go from her teaching position, she feels lost and rejected. Teaching meant everything to her, and without it, she wonders if she truly has a purpose. A letter from a family friend inviting her to come teach in Denver brings her to life again and she eagerly agrees to make the trip, but when she arrives, she finds that the plans have gone horribly awry.

John Hall has been teaching in the Denver schoolhouse for five years while also trying to see to the needs of his aging mother. Complications with her health have been a worry to him, as well as his seeming inability to connect with this year's students. Hearing that a new teacher has arrived in town just adds another layer to his burden - he can't lose his job because there's no one else to take care of his mother.

Meeting Miss Van Pelt turns John's entire world on its ear, and soon, they realize that what they seek the most can best be found when they look at each other.

Run Time: 3 hrs. 19 min.

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