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Brides Along the Chisholm Trail Collection

Brides Along the Chisholm Trail Collection

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The Reluctant Bride: Roseanne “Rose” Duncan, witnesses her employer push his sickly wife down the staircase, killing her. Logan Granger, a Pinkerton Detective assigned to Dodge City area, hadn’t expected his soon-to-be wife to be young, beautiful, and a runaway murder witness.

The Marshal’s Bride (2017 IDA 2nd Place Finalist): Abigale “Abby” Johnson, hadn’t expected that a lawman of the Wild West would ignite something in her she’d thought died along with her husband. Gabe Hawkins never expected to pin a badge back on, yet that’s exactly what he does in order to protect his family in a lawless town.

The Cattleman’s Bride: “Montana Sue” Suzanne Butler, a saloon girl in Dodge City, decides it’s time to start a new life and find love of her own. Cyrus Kennedy didn’t expect that a young and feisty saloon girl would be going back to Texas with him.

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