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Samantha Fury

Aria (eBook)

Aria (eBook)

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Already Home (Book 8)

Aria’s letter-writing campaign to the Doughboys was a kindness that turned into a journey of the heart. Corresponding with Donald, Joey, and the others became a part of her life. Until one unexpected soldier, Dakota Knox, changed her dreams of becoming a missionary. Instead, the young woman pleads for her new love’s safe return.

As an orphan, joining the army meant becoming part of something meaningful to Dakota. But something strange happens as he reads a sweet lady’s letters. As he trains for the conflict, Dakota experiences an unexpected tug on his heart – the light of love flaming to life for the first time. Torn between duty and desire, the anxious soldier wonders if he will make it back to Aria. Or will he succumb to the savage fury of the Great War?

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