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Amelia C. Adams

An Agent for Anna (E-Book)

An Agent for Anna (E-Book)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 12)

Anna Gray has exhausted herself taking care of her family. Try as she might, she simply doesn't know how to meet the needs of her ailing mother, her self-centered sister, and her distracted father. She longs for some help, and perhaps even an escape, but there doesn't seem to be an answer to her dilemma.

Liam Mason, experienced Pinkerton detective, has returned to his Denver home after being away in New York City. His first case with the Denver office sounds like just what he needs - a protection detail to escort a young lady to England to be married. There's a catch, though - he needs to bring a female agent along to be a companion to that young lady, and he needs to be married to the agent. The only girl he can imagine himself marrying is Anna Gray, one of his good friends from college, but he hasn't even seen her in quite some time. Is she still free, and would she consider becoming his wife just so he can fulfill his assignment? If anything were to happen to her . . .

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