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Laura Beers

An Agent for Rosalie

An Agent for Rosalie

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 22)

Her father was gunned down by a ruthless gang. Enraged, Rosalie Addis leaves behind everything she knows, including her fiancé, to become a bounty hunter. She rounds up the members of the gang, one-by-one, until only the elusive leader remains. Hell-bent on vengeance, her heart is not prepared when her betrothed, Paden Brooks, shows up with the tip she's been waiting for. The only catch is that she must marry him.

Paden Brooks has a plan: convince Rosalie to marry him, train her to become a Pinkerton agent, then never let her go! For four years, he's waited for his beloved to return to him. Finally, when a tip arrives at The Pinkerton Detective Agency, he knows this is his chance to bring her home. However, he quickly discovers Rosalie is not the same girl he knew and loved so long ago. Will that alter his plan?

When the time comes for Rosalie to make a choice, will she choose vengeance or Paden?

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