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Katie Marie Clark

An Agent for Victoria

An Agent for Victoria

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 7)


A desperate woman, determined to prove her worth to the agency. An ex-outlaw and seasoned agent who only works alone. When Mr. Archibald orders a marriage for the sake of the case (and agency), will these two be able to keep things strictly business, or will their marriage turn into something to last?

When Victoria Gordon finds out her brother, Detective Archibald Gordon, is pairing his agents with wives in an effort to integrate women into the field, she can’t pass up the opportunity to join the Pinkertons. Besides living a life on the outside, always looking in, Victoria’s admired one particular agent—Mav Jones—for far too long. With the help of her brother’s secretary, Victoria finds a way to scheme her way into the agency, but can she scheme her way into the heart of one of the agency’s most dangerous men?

Mav Jones isn’t happy about the idea of female agents; he’s known too many silly women. So when Archie convinces Mav to marry for the sake of a case, Mav agrees but only under certain conditions. He determines the marriage is strictly business, but his new wife is surprisingly familiar, all too beautiful, and in deeper trouble than she realizes.

Thrust into the 1871-San Francisco world of stolen and smuggled goods, enemies and allies, truth and lies, can Mav and Victoria navigate their way without falling into harm’s way and into each other’s arms?

Run Time: 3 hrs. 43 mins.

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