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Lynn Donovan

An Agent for Serafina (eBook)

An Agent for Serafina (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 46)


Already an agent for the Mexican Secret Service, Serafina Rose de la Verde encounters Pinkerton Agent Todd Smith when they escort their countries’ presidents to a secret meeting in Denver, Colorado. Impressed by her extraordinary beauty and professionalism, Smith brings her to the Pinkerton Mansion to meet Archie Gordon.

Archie needs a fresh face for an undercover investigation into a Whiskey Ring Tax Evasion scandal in Missouri. She’s perfect for the job and Archie asks permission to borrow her for this investigation. She’s willing to help the famous agency, except there’s just one hitch— she has to marry Agent Smith in order to solve the case with him.

When things go horribly wrong and they return by the skin of their teeth, will their reputation as excellent agents be ruined? Will Serafina have a job to go back to in Mexico or will the humiliation ruin everything she has spent her career developing. Can Smith convince her that he loves her and wants her to stay in America, because he’s the right agent for Serafina?

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