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Sophie Dawson

An Agent for Rilla (eBook)

An Agent for Rilla (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 25)


The Pinkerton Matchmaker strikes again . . .
Rilla doesn’t want a husband, but she wants to be a Pinkerton Agent.
Morgan wants to keep his job so he must marry her.

Rilla’s experience growing up in a traveling theater troupe taught her that men considered women property. But she must get married if she wants the job. However, she won't let her temporary husband treat her that way.

When Pinkerton agent Morgan Weston reluctantly agrees to marry and take his wife on the case, he knows that he must keep Rilla of danger. He just hopes his past doesn't catch up with him in the meantime.

Will they find the stolen gold they are sent to recover and get it back to Denver safely? Or will Rilla's beliefs about men and issues from Morgan's past hamper their investigation? More importantly, can they ever reveal their growing feelings toward each other, or must they keep them to themselves?

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