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Lynn Donovan

An Agent for Marla (eBook)

An Agent for Marla (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 40)


A woman trying to prove her worth in a man's world, an agent determined never to fall in love, and a murder mystery that tests both their boundaries.

Marla Porter longs to experience the life she reads about in the Pinkerton dime novels. She convinces a local newspaper to allow her to go undercover to find out what it means to be part of the Pinkerton's Female Detective Bureau. But Marla has a secret no one knows; if discovered, it could lead to her ruin as a journalist.

Pinkerton Detective Pryce Adams has managed to avoid the Denver office's rules of marrying a partner. That is, until a sassy woman walks into the office and turns his life upside down. Twenty years her senior, they make the perfect covert father/daughter team to solve a bank robbery gone wrong.

What happens when the lines blur between a professional relationship and falling for his new partner? Can Pryce let go of his promise to his dead fiancée and allow himself to love again? Will Marla’s secret ruin everything?

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