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Marianne Spitzer

An Agent for Julia (eBook)

An Agent for Julia (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 59)


Julia Masters spent the last two years in a Milwaukee convent, grieving the loss of her mother. When it’s time for her to leave, she is conflicted about going back to the small farm she called home. Her brother left for the West, and she’d be alone on the farm. Seeing an ad for female Pinkerton agents, she chooses to go to Denver and apply.

West Lange enjoys his life as a Pinkerton agent. Chasing down criminals and infiltrating gangs of lawbreakers make his heart soar with excitement. However, he does enjoy working on his own. His free lifestyle suits him quite well.

When Archie Gordon, head of the Denver office of the Pinkerton Agency, hires Julia and assigns her to West for her first case, both agree until Archie explains they must marry first.

Will these two people from different lifestyles and attitudes find love trying to solve a murder and a mystery, or will they accept the offer to annul the marriage at the end of the case?

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