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Lynn Donovan

An Agent for Jocelyn (eBook)

An Agent for Jocelyn (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 50)


Jocelyn King wants justice, but no one will listen. Turning to the Pinkerton Agency for help, she has one condition— she must be part of the team that investigates the diamond hoax her father has uncovered. But there’s more to her story than she reveals to Archie Gordon.

Agent Owen Latimer came to be a Pinkerton Operative through some… unorthodox skills that he’d rather not everyone knew about. But having been an accomplished expert in his field, he knows when someone is hiding lies among the truths. And Miss Jocelyn is doing just that. Intrigued by her story and intense desire for justice, Owen agrees to take her on as his partner even though office rules dictate he has to marry her for the duration of the investigation.

Will this hoax turnout to be more than he can bear? Can these two overcome their distrust in one another and solve this case? If opposites attract, will love thrive among their differences? Is Owen the right agent for Jocelyn?

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