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Marlene Bierworth

An Agent for Genevieve (eBook)

An Agent for Genevieve (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 48)


A woman, an agent, and a missing person case to investigate. When Genevieve Trafton secures a job at the Pinkerton Detective Agency. the last thing she expects is a wedding ring on her finger. But the desire for adventure and the need to leave the farm, give her no choice.

Trace Stapleton is an agent with two working wives in his past and is hesitant to become involved with a third. But Gen is everything the others were not, and when she pushes past his defenses, he is at a loss about how to handle the independent, fiery spinster.

The Pinkerton assignment soon proves to involve more than simply locating the spoiled daughter of a wealthy family. The adventure compounds into a well-planned scheme that will test the couple's character, loyalties and heart.

Join the investigation and fall in love with another Pinkerton couple as they seek to untangle emotions and solve a case riddled with many surprises.

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