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Amelia C. Adams

An Agent for Esme (eBook)

An Agent for Esme (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 32)


Matthew Harrison, Pinkerton agent, has always prided himself on being ready and willing to accept any case he's assigned. He's a team player, after all. But when his new partner, a pretty young female agent from the Chicago office, shows up to escort him to their assignment in Santa Fe, he's not at all sure what to make of her. He's never met anyone so focused on being prim, proper, and precise, and he believes she just might be the most irritating woman he's ever met.

Esmerelda Carter has one objective, and one objective only - to reach Santa Fe, find the missing agent they've been sent to find, and turn in her report. She doesn't have time for fun and games, and she certainly doesn't have time to entertain thoughts about her handsome new partner. Yes, the case does require that they get married, but that's temporary, and soon they'll be parting ways again.

But the case isn't what it seems, and soon they're depending on each other for their very lives . . . which does have a way of bringing people closer together.

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