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Katie Marie Clark

An Agent for Delilah

An Agent for Delilah

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 14)


 A seasoned agent, dreading the prospect of marrying to keep his job, and a feisty woman determined to make her own way in life. Will they learn to trust each other and find their own happy ending?

Delilah Fulmer is bent on escaping the rowdy home of her childhood. With little to recommend herself besides scrappiness and grit, she answers an ad to become a Pinkerton agent. But after she arrives at the Denver office, Delilah finds out a rare stipulation for her employment—she must marry her trainer. And not just any trainer, but the man she bested in a friendly wager.

Jack Davis takes the news of marrying a female agent like most of the other men employed by the Denver Pinkerton Office—with complete dread. However, when a feisty and particularly lovely woman shows up a day early, Jack begins to warm to the idea.

But when so much is on the line, including their very lives as they try to catch a dangerous gang of outlaws, will Delilah and Jack be able to put away foolish pride for a chance at lasting happiness?

Run Time: 3 hrs. 24 mins.

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