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Sophie Dawson

An Agent for Delaney (E-Book)

An Agent for Delaney (E-Book)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 15)

Delaney Schnell is no stranger to hard work and to taking care of herself. She applied to be one of the first female Pinkerton Agents in the Denver office. While she is thrilled to work a case where her education and talents will be put to use, she’s less than thrilled to have to marry her trainer. But Delaney has been through worse, and if this is what it takes, then she will endure.

Griff Picard transferred from the Chicago office after the Great Chicago Fire. He isn’t thrilled to have a partner - especially one inexperienced and female. When he’s told he must marry her or be out of a job, he reluctantly gives in. Delaney and Griff have to learn to work together, but first, they have to learn to live as husband and wife.

Can true love be found by two people so different? And will the detectives be able to solve the case before more people die?

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