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Amelia C. Adams

An Agent for Cynthia (eBook)

An Agent for Cynthia (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 54)


Cynthia Baxter has always wanted to be a detective, and she's read enough mystery novels to be sure she's perfect for the task. She applies at the Denver office of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and is told she'll be contacted, but she doesn't hear from Agent Archibald Gordon until she's quite sure they've forgotten all about her. When she is finally summoned, she's ready to go, willing to do her part.

Agent Corbin Rawlings has devoted his life to his job at the Pinkerton agency, and marrying a new female agent so he can protect her on their case seems like just another part of the assignment. Until he meets her, that is, and realizes that she's not only going to be a useful partner, but a very desirable wife. Things become more complex than they first imagined, though, when they learn that their current case ties into a mystery Corbin was never able to solve, and that their lives are in greater danger than they ever supposed.

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