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P. Creeden

An Agent for Clenna (eBook)

An Agent for Clenna (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 28)


What’s a good Catholic girl to do? When Clenna finally sees her dream of becoming a Pinkerton Detective agent becoming a reality, she’s struck with the news that to become one, she has to marry her training agent—at least temporarily. But marriage is one of the most sacred of institutions of the church, and she’s not certain she’s ready to violate it.

Ben Mercer was a sharpshooter for the Union in the War. Some people call him a cold-blooded murderer, others call him a hero. But Ben likes to live from one adventure to the next, which is why he joined the Pinkerton Detectives. He’s not keen on babysitting a new, female agent for training, and he’s definitely not keen on marrying her before they leave.

But when the railroad believes they’ve caught two of the bandits who’ve been holding up the train, and they turn out to be Clenna’s brother and cousin, she’ll do just about anything to keep from seeing them hung.

Lady Pinkerton detectives, their rough and ready agents, and a whole lot of excitement and romance! The Pinkerton Matchmaker series tells the stories of the women determined to bring criminals to justice and the agents who win their hearts. Each book is a standalone story and they can be read in any order.

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