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Marie HIggins

An Agent for Claudia (eBook)

An Agent for Claudia (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 23)

Claudia Cummings will do anything to keep her family’s plantation from falling into her greedy cousin’s hands–even going as far as accepting a business arrangement–a marriage in name only. However, she must make her family and friends believe she and Blake are happily married. Now the trick is trying to stop her heart from getting involved.

Pinkerton Agent, Blake Bentley, has been ignoring his superior’s telegrams about training a female agent as most of the other agents were doing. Of course, Blake would have to marry the woman, which is something he never thought he’d do. But when tracking his latest criminal, he meets the very impudent and extremely lovely Miss Cummings, he quickly changes his mind about marriage. Besides, she would be able to help him catch his thief, as long as she doesn’t try to catch his heart, as well.

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