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Parker J. Cole

An Agent for Brutus (eBook)

An Agent for Brutus (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 51)

Revenge is best served cold.

Brutus Bradford relocates to Denver, Colorado in order to spend the rest of his life with his daughters and their families. When he meets Tamera Floyd through a chance encounter, he realizes there's something familiar about her. Has he met this woman before? And what is it about that makes him distrust her?

Seasoned Pinkerton agent Tamera Floyd relocates to the Denver office under false pretenses, under duress, and almost out of time. Plagued by a debilitating condition that only a life-saving surgery can provide relief, she is forced by her father to seek out his old enemy, Brutus Bradford and to bring him to his ranch in Oregon so mete out his vengeance.

Brutus soon discovers that Tam is the daughter of his former best friend who swore that one day, he would kill him. He knows that Tam is keeping is something from him but can he trust the daughter of a man who wants him dead? It should be an easy choice to turn over Brutus to her father, but Tam has a secret: she has cared for her father's enemy ever since she was a young girl . Can she sacrifice his life in order to save hers? Why does her father detest him so?

Secrets from the past and dangers of the present collide as Tam and Brutus try to protect each other from themselves and from the man who manipulates them both.

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