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Laura Beers

An Agent for Amey (eBook)

An Agent for Amey (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers - Book 52

Despite her parents threatening to disown her, Amey Barney decides to leave her life in Tucson to become a Pinkerton Agent in Chicago. She discovers she has a real knack for the work, but her obsession with catching the man who killed her brother gets her into trouble. When she oversteps her authority, her supervisor decides she must transfer to the Denver office or face termination. Reluctantly, she makes the move, even knowing she will be forced to marry her partner to maintain their cover. However, she's determined to never stop searching for her brother’s killer.

Lincoln Hoyt is a complex man. After serving as a sniper in the Civil War, he is left broken, a shadow of the man that he once was. He finds some fulfillment working as a Pinkerton agent, but he shudders at the thought of having a woman as his partner, much less his wife.

As the newly married agents begin to track down a murderer, Amey quickly discovers that working with Lincoln might not be as terrible as she had once thought, but can she earn his respect and trust as an agent? Will Lincoln be able to let his guard down long enough to listen to his heart?

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