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P. Creeden

An Agent for Adelaide (eBook)

An Agent for Adelaide (eBook)

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Pinkerton Matchmakers (Book 37)


Adelaide is running from trouble, but runs right into the Pinkerton Agency. When she gets matched with a rough-looking former pugilist, will she run again?

Adelaide is running from the bad luck she’d lived with her whole life as a miner’s daughter, and the debt that her father has put upon her head. She’s been given a life of slavery, but a former slave helps her out of a horrid situation. Once freed, Adelaide must choose what life she’ll make for herself and when she runs into a Pinkerton agent, she wonders if that might be the best life for her.

Logan Wade is a mangled and messed up boxer who worked his way through law school, but found nothing as gratifying and rewarding than life as a Pinkerton agent. But when he finds out that his new partner is not only a woman but he will be forced to marry her, he starts to wonder if it’s time to give up his calling.

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