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Marianne Spitzer



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Rescue Me Mail Order Brides (Book 9)

Amanda Sutton, the nanny to a wealthy family in Chicago, becomes suspicious of her employer when the man's wife dies unexpectedly.

Overhearing a conversation between her employer and his lover, Amanda knows she needs to flee town before the man realizes Amanda knows more than she should. Amanda finds an ad from a man who wants a mail-order bride immediately. In a panic that her employer would come after her, Amanda doesn't give much thought to the strange ad. Instead, she leaves for Wyoming on the next train heading west.

When she arrives in Wyoming, things are not as expected, but the sheriff helps her find a nanny position. All seems well until the man she ran from comes to town looking for her.

Can a woman running for her life and a man who doesn't want a woman in his life fall in love and find happiness?

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