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Amelia C. Adams

Adele's Decision

Adele's Decision

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Broad Street Boarding House (Book 1)

Adele Hilton has just lost her father to a sudden illness, and now she's an orphan left with a large inheritance from each of her parents. A warning of danger from her aunt is closely followed by a bullet that narrowly misses her, and she realizes she's no longer safe in her home. She boards the first train out of town and ends up in Denver, where she finds a boarding house and hopefully, a place of refuge.

Noah Kettering must find his client, who has disappeared before she had a chance to look over the paperwork for her father's estate. Miss Hilton must sign the papers if she desires to claim the assets, but if he can't find her, how can the matter be resolved?

Together, Adele and Noah figure out that love can be discovered in the strangest places, and that new friendships can be made wherever we may be.

(Time: 3 hrs. 8 mins.)

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