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Kimberly Grist

Ace's Tenacious Bride (Book 13)

Ace's Tenacious Bride (Book 13)

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Can a spirited pastor’s daughter up the ante, causing a card-playing, cigar-smoking workaholic to wager his heart?

Mercy Fairchild, a pastor’s daughter, is ready for adventure. She’ll comply with her late father’s last wish—to obtain the help of a matchmaking service and find her a young pastor out West to marry. Yes, she wants God’s perfect plan for her future, but she hopes it will be an exciting plan...perhaps a missionary in a new territory.

Widower Ace Caldwell’s unruly children make keeping a housekeeper impossible. The last one left in less than a week! If he could only be as good a father as he is a card player! But with his job as a railroad detective, he can’t be home more than a day or two each week. At least a wife would be legally and morally vested to remain. Wouldn’t she?

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