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Lynn Donovan

A Groom for Linda

A Groom for Linda

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Blizzard Brides (Book 4)

A woman recovering from a terrible loss, a man on the trail of an outlaw, and the mishap that brings them together.

Linda Applebee’s life is perfect until she loses her husband in a freak blizzard. Now instead of spending her time writing an adventure novel, she has to find a husband or be required to move back to Wisconsin where she knows nobody. With one ad for husbands and a selection made, maybe life in Last Chance can return to normal. 

Then he rides into town! 

Michael Darcy longs for the freedom offered by tales of going West. He gives up his comfortable law practice and embraces the life of a bounty hunter. Following a lead, he ends up in Last Chance, hot on the trail of a criminal. His heart is captured by Linda, but he has a job to do, and she already has an intended.

Does he follow his heart to Linda or his lead to his bounty? Can Linda change her mind and the man she promised to marry? Is this Michael and Linda’s last chance at happiness in a border town called Last Chance, Nebraska?

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