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Lynn Donovan

A Groom for Becca

A Groom for Becca

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Blizzard Brides (Book 15)

When Becca’s husband dies in the freak blizzard that September, she brings her remaining livestock and two girls to town to live.

Her hand is forced by Pastor Collins to reply to a potential intended, Haden Jarrod, but before he arrives, she falls for her sister’s intended, Charlie T. Cairn.

Charlie arrives in Last Chance, Nebraska, prepared to marry Linda Applebee, but finds her sister, Becca Collingsworth, much more enjoyable to be around. When the woman who left him at an altar in Pennsylvania shows up begging for him to reconsider, things get really complicated.

Can these two work things out? Will Becca trust Charlie even though his previous fiancée is in town? How can Charlie convince her that she is truly his destiny when it looks like she’s his third choice? Will Pastor Collins send Becca back to Wisconsin? Or will Becca give everything up and marry her friend, the livery owner?

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