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Marlene Bierworth

A Chance for Esther

A Chance for Esther

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Last Chance Brides (Book 4)

Last Chance in 1895 is a shadow of what it once was, filled with too many women competing for the few men left to save them from poverty, starvation, and spinsterhood. Closed businesses and broken dreams rule the day, drawing a diversity of men to the struggling town; men on both sides of the law.

Esther Sorenson has returned from Colorado, abandoning her fight to save women from male domination, only to find her hometown wallowing in depression and in need of fresh inspiration. She chooses to support Duke Granger for sheriff in the election, only to fall in love with the man who harbors dangerous secrets.

Will Esther compromise her loyalties? Will demanding the truth bring an end to her dreams of happy ever after? When trouble visits their cozy, peaceful town, it will test the couple’s commitment to one another and risk their place of trust in the community.

Love, hope, and faith will be challenged as Esther and Duke endeavor to find a new and trusted place to call home among the oppressed inhabitants of Last Chance, Nebraska.

If you enjoy conflict in a frontier, small-town setting, where strength is found in the staying-power of dedicated citizens, hit the "Buy Now" button today, and enter into Esther and Duke’s small-town romance.

NOTE: Esther is the eldest adopted daughter of Frank and Betsy Sorenson from the original Blizzard Bride Series—A Groom for Betsy. All stories are clean, Christian-based, standalone titles, and available to read in KU.

Can a group of young women, convince men to take a chance on a town called Last Chance and help rebuild the town they love? Will these marriages succeed under such harsh conditions, or will love dry up and scatter like the prairie tumbleweeds?

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