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Marianne Spitzer

A Chance for Emmaline

A Chance for Emmaline

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Last Chance Brides (Book 5)

Emmaline Holton was five years old when the blizzard of 1878 left her an orphan. Her uncle wanted to raise her, but his difficult wife objected. That left only one relative to help Emmaline, her cousin Rachel and her new husband, Samuel.

Fifteen years later, Last Chance has suffered through a severe drought and crop failure. As a result, many people have left town. Emmaline, now twenty, wonders if she will need to leave town to find love and a future.

Logan Mercer refuses to marry the woman his parents have chosen for him. He leaves his family home in Wisconsin and heads West. After reading about the town of Last Chance, Logan wonders if he could find a future in a town that needs to start over or continue his trip West?

When Logan agrees to work with Samuel, will his friendship with Emmaline blossom into more?

Neither Emmaline nor Logan expected to find love in the struggling town of Last Chance. Are they each other’s future or just another stone in their rocky paths to find happiness?

This is a sweet romance.



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