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Christine Sterling

A Chance for Cecily

A Chance for Cecily

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Last Chance Brides (Book 1)

Return to Last Chance, Nebraska, from the creator that brought you The Blizzard Brides.

She wants to save her home; he has the means to save it. Will their fierce tempers spark a blazing love or burn a drought-ravished town to the ground?

Cecily James is determined to save Last Chance, Nebraska, from another tragedy. As the drought consumes everything around her, she wonders if her prospects are drying up with it. Left alone in a destitute town, she learns of a device that can drill for water previously unreachable. She expects this could be the answer the town prayed for. What she doesn’t expect is a handsome drill operator who makes her flame up like a match to a tumbleweed.

Hart Chapman is glad his family entrusts him to take the drilling machine to a small town in desperate need of water. What he doesn’t expect is a stubborn, willful woman with stunning blue eyes and a temper hotter than a Texas wildfire. Cecily tests Hart’s patience at every turn. Why can’t she see he is just trying to help?

Can Hart drill his way into Cecily’s heart? Will their kisses set fire to the drought-riddled plains? What happens when Cecily’s beau returns? Who should rightfully claim to be Cecily’s last chance for love?

Welcome to Last Chance, Nebraska. If you liked The Blizzard Brides, you are going to love Last Chance Brides. After the drought of 1893 and the crop failure of 1894, Last Chance finds itself on the brink of death once more. Most of the townspeople have departed, businesses have closed, and the town is nearly bankrupt.

Can a group of young women, convince men to take a chance on a town called Last Chance and help rebuild the town they love? Will these marriages succeed under such harsh conditions, or will love dry up and scatter like the prairie tumbleweeds?

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